at Pitter Patter Day School

The blended learning model is a combination of teacher-directed learning in the classroom and technology-based learning. Our qualified and experienced teaching staff follow the Department of Education curriculum. Our goal for Pitter Patter Day Nursery & PreSchool is to provide fun learning for your child in a safe; loving; stimulating and nurturing environment that facilitates learning. To help them grow and develop into your lasting legacy

Story Telling: Finding Nemo with Natasha Parry

Story Telling: Finding Dory with Natasha Parry

Our Approach

Positive teacher-child relationships are built on the respect the teacher has for the child. Pitter Patter teachers demonstrate respect for the individuality and humanity of all the children in their care, respect for the developmental journey of the child, and respect for the family and cultural backgrounds of each child. Teachers serve as important models for the children in terms of demonstrating respect for other people, exhibiting curiosity in the world around them, cooperating with other staff members (and children), using appropriate language when expressing ideas and feelings and in communication with other people.

Our Model

At Pitter Patter we provide children with the opportunity to use not only their physical senses but also exercise the emotional and aesthetic parts of their being. As human beings we are endowed with the ability to experience a variety of emotions. We may not always welcome some of the emotions that children express, but experiencing them is part of what it means to be fully human. The role of the teacher is to help children accept these emotions and learn how they can be expressed in socially acceptable ways. It is also important to provide children with the opportunity to have a variety of aesthetic experiences. We expose children to music, art, and language that can speak to their feelings and emotions.

We strive to provide your child with exceptional learning