at Pitter Patter Day Nursery School

Our holistic approach to learning focus on all areas of development through the various themes and activities. Our syllabus include Malawi and British.

Our Focus

We are committed to enabling:

  • Personal, social and emotional – relationships, feelings, self-confidence, life skills and sensory integration
  • Language- listening, understanding and speech.
  • Cognitive- problem solving, logical thinking, creative thinking, reasoning, counting, sorting, patterns, reading and writing skills.
  • Understanding of the world – curiosity, knowledge, investigation, objects and community.
  • Physical – coordination, movement, control, fitness, body awareness.
  • Creative- music, art, craft, imagination, construction.
  • Life skills – Everyday basic life skills that equip them for their future and builds self- confidence.
  • Child to Teacher ration of 1:8

A stimulating wonderland where children feel safe and happy while getting excellent education